Rexona desafia público a pedalar em ação na Avenida Paulista

Rexona challenges the public to ride in action on Paulista Avenue

Iniciativa criada pela Mullen Lowe e pela Otima teve desenvolvimento da Bizsys

Until June 10, Rexona has an action on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo. The initiative encourages consumers to exercise and aims to show the resistance of the new Rexona Clinical Aerosol.

“This interactive action is part of the great launch campaign for the Novo Rexona Clinical Aerosol, the biggest innovation in recent years in the antiperspirant category”, says Andreza Graner, brand marketing manager.

In the “Pedalou, Ganhou” campaign, anyone passing by the number 2026 of Paulista, is challenged to ride a spinning bike and can win branded products.

“This type of action is a good opportunity to integrate brands and people with the city. Otima is proud to participate in this project, making itself increasingly present in the consumer's journey through creative media”, says Carolina Gurgel, head of marketing and new business at Otima.

After completing a brief registration, the participant will have 30 seconds to ride the bike to a certain level to win a Rexona Clinical Aerosol Female or Male. The initiative created by the Mullen Lowe agency and by Otima was developed by the technology producer Bizsys.

“O maior desafio desse projeto foi criar uma experiência prazerosa que falasse com o consumidor sobre o produto de forma divertida e interativa”, completa Rodrigo Cassino, COO da Bizsys.

Veja o vídeo da campanha:10

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Crédito Matéria: PropMark

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