Whiskas cria a MIA, assistente pessoal por meio de inteligência artificial

Whiskas creates MIA, personal assistant through artificial intelligence

While technology advances to create personal assistants that bring all the answers, Whiskas does the opposite and introduces MIA, the first personal assistant inspired by cats' curiosity.

Developed through artificial intelligence, the MIA kitten does not bring answers, but questions that stimulate the curiosity of humans, especially children, beings naturally eager to explore the world like felines.

In this way, MIA affirms Whiskas' global positioning, “Feed curiosity”, and seals the commitment to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners and caregivers through this unique characteristic shared by humans and cats, curiosity.

“Whiskas is the leading brand in the market and the one that most understands cats. Its “Feed Curiosity” positioning – seeks to inspire people to cultivate their cats' curiosity. The brand's positioning proposes that cat tutors offer them good food and quality of life, respecting and stimulating the natural curiosity they have and that make them so special, interesting and free. The brand's objective is to strengthen the bond between cats and humans through this unique characteristic shared by cats: curiosity”, highlights Roberto Valdrighi, Marketing Manager for Whiskas in Brazil.

MIA works by presence sensor. Upon realizing that she is close to humans, the assistant kitten starts a dialogue. She asks questions on a variety of subjects of interest to children, offering options for answers. MIA is 3D printed and available in Whiskas, lavender and white colors.

So far, some personal assistant units have been released, all of them sent to partners and friends of Whiskas, for experimental use. The project is created by the AlmapBBDO agency.

Fonte: Cidade Marketing