Algoritmo da Rolling Stone identifica propensão ao suicídio

Rolling Stone Algorithm Identifies Suicide Propensity

A project developed by the Africa agency, in partnership with the Center for the Valorization of Life (CVV), was inspired by the cases of musicians such as Kurt Cobain, Ian Curtis and Nick Drake. Inspired by the trajectory of musicians such as Kurt Cobain, Ian Curtis, Nick Drake, Torquato Neto, Chris Cornell, Keith Flint and Champignon, who have in common the relationship with the theme of depression, and the numbers that indicate 1 million suicides worldwide in the year In the past, Rolling Stone Brasil magazine signed the Algoritmo da Vida project, created by the Africa agency in partnership with the Centro de Valorização da Vida (CVV). The system was developed by the producer Bizsys.

The algorithm made for Twitter identifies expressions that indicate some kind of depression symptom of users in public microblog posts. After the identification phase, a check is carried out by a specialized team to consider context, ironies and recurrence of terms and periodicity. After that, when the tool confirms the potential of a user filtered by the algorithm, another team gets in touch through a private message and indicates the telephone number of the Life Valuation Center (CVV).

“Rolling Stone, as a vehicle aimed at pop culture and, above all, music, deals every day with depression or its symptoms. And this is alarming”, says Pedro Antunes, editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone Brasil. “Many musicians asked for help with their music. Take the case of Kurt Cobain or Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, for example. Lives ended early because of depression. Anything we can do to reduce that number needs to be our priority. It is a social responsibility that we must have. Every life saved is a victory”, he adds.

The Algorithm of Life has been in operation since February and has detected nearly 300,000 mentions that potentially use the language of depression.


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